Find TdlM's vendors in Springstep's sunny Atrium. Based on feedback from TdlM 2008, we plan to have fewer vendors this year so that some of that coveted space can be used as a place for participants to relax or meet up with friends. But we think that you'll like those that we do have!

Shoes and Clothes

Julia-Bella Comme il Faut
Che Locas! Comme il Faut and Neo Tangos

iNKmix Handmade clothes for tango and life

Martha Castano Handmade clothes for tango

On-site Daytime Food

Josephine Brogna brings back Italian specialties such as cappucino, homemade pizzas, cut fresh fruit (not Italian - but good, and there), and amazing canolli from one of the best Italian pastry shops in Boston, Modern Pastry.


Tamyka Sanford will offer massage therapy starting at 1am during the Saturday October 31st milonga (when you'll start to need it!), and then on Sunday during the day and evening. A sign up sheet will be available so you can reserve ahead.

Photos by Marty Katz. Comme il Faut shoes at TdlM 2007.

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