Milonga Information

On this page you'll find information about the Mixer Milonga, what kind of music to expect at the milongas, when performances will occur, the costume information and the costume themes.

The Mixer Milonga

The Mixer Milonga during Tango de los Muertos is not your typical milonga. Come if you want to meet new people through laughter and embraces (and maybe enjoy a full tanda with them later)! From 5-6:30pm, we'll have your every moment choreographed with playing dance mixer games, so please do arrive right at the beginning of the milonga, 5pm, for the full experience. For the last hour of the milonga, from 6:30-7:30, you're free to dance as you wish with your new-found friends. If you can, bring a throw pillow for one of the mixer games. Thanks!

Photo by Sorin Varzaru during the Vertical Milonga at TdlM 2007.
Live and Recorded Music

Except where noted on the schedule, the DJs will play primarily Golden Age tango music. The main times for alternative tangos are Friday and Sautrday evenings in the Orange Room. (Some DJs may choose to throw in a bit of Old Guard, contemporary or alternative tango music at other times, but we don't promise it.)

Saturday night we're excited to dance to live music by Ben Bogart y los Gatos Azules. Ben returns from Buenos Aires for just a short tour, and will lead the Gatos in addition to playing lead bandoneon in the Monster Orchestra on Sunday.


Which brings us to one of our favorite parts of the festival: the Monster Orchestra! Korey Ireland is back to lead the group to greatness once again. Read more about the orchestra here.

Dance Performance

Each of the evening milongas will include 10-20 minutes of performances by the instructors or invited guests, probably around 11pm (but you seasoned dancers know that it could end up being a little bit later...).

Costume Notes

You may have noticed that costumes are suggested at most of the milongas. It's fun to get into the spirit of the festival (it's Halloween, after all!) by wearing a costume. However, since this festival is really about dancing and not about dressing up, you must make sure that you can move easily in your costume. Below we propose some ideas to keep in mind, but before that we want to answer a question you may be wondering....

Why all the costumes?

First of all, we must note that there's certainly no reason why you can't dress however you want all weekend - if you wear a t-shirt and jeans or a three-piece suit the whole time, great! There is no dress code. But here's a brief explanation of why costumes are encouraged: there's a collective joy and unity that we get out of seeing someone be creative, take a risk, and tango happily and with total concentration on the dance while wearing a two-foot-tall purple wig and go-go boots or as a cross-dresser for the evening in a vampy 1930s gown or a tux with tails. It's just delightful.

Costume Caution

Be careful when choosing your costumes to make sure there is nothing that will prevent you from having a comfortable embrace, or to prevent a free range of movement. Generally you'll want to keep your head pretty simple: certain types of hats and most masks (which are so popular on Halloween) will prevent a close embrace, as will decorative makeup that rubs off on your partner. And even if you don't want to dance close for some (strange) reason, don't wear anything that sticks out much further than usual. (It would feel like driving a minivan when you're used to driving a car - you and others aren't sure how close you can cut the corners.) If you wear something a little bit on the edge that you're not sure you'll feel comfortable dancing in, then don't forget to bring a backup outfit!
*And a note specifically about Friday's Energy Milonga -- please don't wear flashing lights. Thanks!*

The Costume Themes

Photo by Marty Katz. The Natural World

Milonga at TdlM 2008.

Thursday – The Disguised Milonga

If you were a spy, how would you disguise yourself? Or if you could be someone other than yourself for an evening, who might it be? Show us...and leave us to guess your real identity.

Friday - The Energy Milonga

Energy - the currency of life. (But how to wear it, you ask?) You might glow with watts of energy, be reflective, or be recycled. Maybe you'll come dressed as an energy source, an energy drain, or an energy transfer device. It's all great, just please don't wear flashing lights as they may interfere with other dancers tango trances.

Saturday - Around the World Milonga

Look to the Earth's surface and come dressed as a topographical feature, an individual from a unique culture, or a globetrotter, navigator, or explorer. (OR wear navigatory tools such as maps and guides.)

Sunday Afteroon - The Pajama Milonga

Sure, it may be afternoon for some people, but for those of us who danced all night, 3:00pm is still morning and pajamas are really the way to go.

Sunday – The FINAL Milonga

This is the end. Beautiful friends, it's the end.
For the final milonga of Tango de los Muertos EVER, embrace the end (and each other) wearing destroyed clothes or skeletons.

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