The Beginning Tango Immersion Adventure Intensive

The MIT Tango Club hosts The Beginning Tango Immersion Adventure Intensive during Tango de los Muertos with four inspiring tango instructors from the West Coast: Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry (Los Angeles) and Rebecca Rorick Smith and Eric Lindgren (Portland, OR). The classes will be held in on the MIT campus and are open to all, students and general public alike.

  Sunday, November 1
1:00-2:30pm Beginning Workshop I
Beginning Workshop III
3:00-4:30pm Beginning Workshop II Beginning Workshop IV

Class Descriptions

Day I: The Parallel System

Saturday Workshop I: Fundamentals of Connection & Parallel System

[weight changes, walking in line, walking outside partner, walking to the cross in parallel system, practice embrace]

Saturday Workshop II: More Parallel System Essentials & Navigation
[rock turns/check steps to the left and to the right, ocho cortado]

Day II: The Cross System

Sunday Workshop III: The Cross System on a Social Dance Floor
[introduction to cross system concept, getting to the cross in cross system with and without backward ochos]

Sunday Workshop IV: Fluency Between Systems and the Embrace
[principles of tango embrace, practicing switching from parallel to cross, recap and review of the first three courses]

About the Instructors

Rebecca Rorick Smith and Eric Lindgren Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry

Mitra Martin (Los Angeles)

Since childhood, Mitra was engrossed in poetry, languages, music, and theater. In 1997 she graduated with honors from Princeton University with a degree in Comparative Literature and a minor in Theater and Dance. The following year, during a visit to Buenos Aires, she discovered the beautiful discipline that was a natural frame for all her interests: Argentine Tango. She has been captivated with its enigmas ever since.

She sees Tango as a profound, demanding, and rewarding practice which, when pursued with discipline, enchants our relationship with the world around us. She counts the poet Rilke and his dream of peaceful partnership as a key inspiration. Mitra has explored complementary disciplines of Alexander Technique, Vinyasa Yoga, to deepen and refine her Tango. She draws on her Montessori background – both as a teacher and a student – to bring alive Tango in her students.

Stefan Fabry (Los Angeles)

For more than two decades Stefan had dedicated his life to self-discovery. Dance has always played a central role in this exploration, since Stefan sees a healthy, capable and responsive body as an essential medium for living fully, feeling deeply, and finding peace. He inspires students to embrace Argentine Tango as a joyful and challenging practice that deepens our awareness of ourselves, one another, and our relationships.

Stefan’s dance training at Tanz Projecte Koln, his seventeen years of Contact Improvisation, and his decade-long apprenticeship with legendary modern dance choreographer Rudy Perez, has inspired him to engage Tango as a fine art, taking it beyond its limits as a social dance.  Building on his roots as an improviser, he takes an experimental and disciplined approach to Tango’s movement tenets.

Rebecca Rorick Smith (Portland, Oregon)

Rebecca has been involved in Tango since 2000. She began in Eugene, Oregon, and facilitated the expansion of the community by helping open the non-profit Tango Center there. Key influences in her career came from Evan Griffiths, Jaimes Freidgen, Kara Wenham, Dana Frigoli and Luciana Valle. After multiple trips to Buenos Aires, she moved to Ashland, where she has been taught tango at SOU and traveled to teach in many of Oregon's developing communities. Currently she is lives in Portland and pursues Tango full time. She is well known in the US Tango circuit for her comprehension of many styles and as a strong female Lead. Her classes are accessible and clear with a vigorous mix of work and play.

Eric Lindgren (Portland, Oregon)

Eric began studying tango intensively in October 2005. Within weeks of his first class, he had moved to Buenos Aires to pursue the dance full time. After a year of study he returned to the United States and continued dancing full time socially. This fall he returned to Buenos Aires to take advantage of the high level of dance and exceptional instruction available in the city. Eric spent the winter of 07-08 teaching at Dance Manhattan in New York as well as at Providence Tango in Rhode Island. After a brief visit to Buenos Aires in the spring, Eric traveled to Toronto to teach in June and July. In September Eric moved to Portland, OR where he enjoys that community's strong focus on close embrace and emotional expression. Eric has had many influences. Among those who have had the greatest impact are Daniel Trenner, Claudia Bozzo, Carlos Lobos, Rebecca Shulman, Adriana Dure, and Pablo Rodriguez.

Cost and Registration

Until October 28th

General public: $40 per person per day / $60 per person for all 4 workshops

Students: $30 per person per day / $45 per person for all 4 workshops

MIT Students: $20 per person per day / $30 per person for all 4 workshops

At the Door

General public: $50 per person per day / $70 per person for all 4 workshops

Students: $40 per person per day / $55 per person for all 4 workshops

MIT Students: $30 per person per day / $40 per person for all 4 workshops

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Important Info


MIT Campus, Kresge Auditorium, Rehearsal Room A
Map here

Replies to Frequently Asked Questions

- No partner necessary.
- Wear comfortable clothing.
- Footwear: wear shoes with leather or suede soles (or skip the shoes and wear fuzzy socks) so you can pivot. Make sure the shoes stay on your feet easily (no mules or slingbacks) so that you can walk backwards.
- See MorenoTango's FAQ page for more answers to questions.

- See the MIT Tango Club's page to learn more about what they do.

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